Day 39 (8.4 miles)

Day 39- The Roan High Knob Shelter is four sided with a door and an upstairs and must have mystical powers as no one got up until almost 8AM. In the wee hours we had a blast of strong wind and some heavy rain but it didn’t linger. The morning was cool with a little mist from the overcast clouds which at over 6000 feet you are in the middle of them. I had some oatmeal and started out strong. After about 1.5 miles, light to moderate rain fell and the wind picked up big time. At Carver Gap, which is between Pisgah and Cherokee National Forests, it was becoming very cold! As Winnie the Pooh said “it is a very blustery day today”.

I passed Round Bald and Jane Bald which I am sure has spectacular views if you could see more than 200 feet in front of you and continued to climb in this openness trying to keep two feet on the ground. All of a sudden the sun tried its best to peek through and the clouds parted for just a moment and a another large bald appeared in front of me as well as those spectacular views. As quickly as it appeared it just as quickly disappeared. For the moment, the wet feet, cold nose and hands were worth it all. It could be a place I would visit again on a nice, warm clear day. I passed a few Southbound Through hikers, most of them finishing up a section they missed the first time. The trail maneuvered so that the wind was above us, the rain had let up and now I was walking in mud.

I am not sure what kind of dirt is on this mountain but when it’s wet it is slicker than snot. On level ground my right leg went straight out in front of me and down I went as if sliding into home plate, nice and gentle. To get up was not as graceful. I felt like an odd turtle trying to right herself with this shell on my back wriggling in the mud to turn over. Perseverance prevailed! I stopped soon thereafter for a snack at the next shelter and caught up with No Rush. He showed me the ramps growing all around and I pulled a few to put in my tuna so it wouldn’t be so bland. The small ones are milder so that was my choice, they were good. Ramps are like onions, the bigger the stronger.

I had planned on staying at the Overmountain Shelter, which I did. It’s a large barn used by AT hikers now, very drafty, and a pretty cool, old place. The Overmountain Men came through here enroute to Kings Mountain to help fight and defeat the British during the Revolutionary War. I imagine they had it worse than me so no complaints. The weather seemed to be calming down though still windy as I talked with a guy who is finishing up his Southbound Thru-hike after 6 years of section hiking. I left to get water and while filling up my vessel the rain came and then the sleet.

I will get a picture tomorrow when hopefully the sun is shining and the wind dies down. The shelter filled up pretty quickly as time passed by, some familiar faces and some not. Gumby is one who has apparently heard of me and wanted to meet me. I am trying to figure out why my name precedes me. I must look like a hobo or something! It’s getting time to fix my dinner, climb back in my bag and pray for a warmer day tomorrow! Good Night and Sweet Dreams!


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