Day 40 (9 miles)

Day 40 – I am not sure why I had a fitful sleep last night, except that I noticed that the wind was still blowing strong which meant it would be another cold day tomorrow. It seemed I couldn’t really get warm yet I wasn’t really cold. It was strange but awesome too that we were staying in this old barn used by others years ago (although very drafty). I climbed down the ladder to visit the privy and when I looked out behind the barn, it was beautiful. The sky was still a dark blue with the moon hanging high in the sky with the sun trying to peek over from the left. Beast and Puck Carrier left at 5:15 to get into town and warm up. It’s a bit early for me but I was up and out around 7:30. I did get the barn shelter picture for you before I left, very quaint.

Early morning views
Overmountain shelter

Yes it was cold, clear skies, and very gusty. As I made my way up the first hill enroute to Little Hump Mountain I was thinking how glad I was that I left my jacket on and my fleece leggings. I didn’t have to worry about slipping in the mud because the ground was frozen. When I arrived at Little Hump Mountain I really wasn’t sure if I would make it. The wind was gusting about 40 knots and doing a good job of keeping my feet unsteady. At times I would have to dig my poles in just to keep from getting blown over. Lastly Steve passed me, I hadn’t seen him for a day so I am glad he showed up. Finally I was at the top of Little Hump headed for Hump Mountain.

It is all there in front of you and the trail is clearly visible and seems so long but I kept fighting the wind and made it. What a view! I sent a picture to my cousin Tommy and he knew exactly where I was. He even pointed out Chimney Rock as one of the mountains. Only God could have made a world that continues to amaze and take you a-back when you see the beauty of everything you see, from the petite flowers on the side of the trail to the majestic mountains before you. While I descended I crossed paths with many day hikers as the weather was pretty nice now. You know they are day hikers because they smell so good! I wonder what they smell when they pass thru-hikers? One girl passed me and said I had a nice hat, Go Tigers!

I had trail magic waiting on me in the form of my cousin Tommy and his wife Mary. They took me to their house for my first zero day, which means the following day you do nothing or at least no hiking. My shower was the best and clean clothes are icing on the cake. I had two packages waiting on me from Leslie and Ben. They were things I will need as it warms up, plus some special treats. Yummy! Thanks Jane for sewing my warm weather bag! (And Happy Birthday month!) We went into town and drove around Appalachian State University. It is a very pretty place. The lunch was pretty great too! Thanks, Tom!

I can tell my pack will weigh a ton when I start out again with the food supply but it will be eaten soon enough. In the mail was another package. Remember my fleece hat I lost back at Newfound Gap? Well, the lady from the First Baptist Church found it on the van and mailed it to me. How kind was that? Now to think how to repay them for all that they do for Thru-hikers. I enjoyed an evening of good conversation and getting caught up on family with Mary helping me with some sewing issues. Thanks, Mary! What would we do without family? Take just a moment and tell someone how much you appreciate them, give someone a hug, or call someone you haven’t talked to in awhile. Good Night and Sweet Dreams!


3 thoughts on “Day 40 (9 miles)

  1. Don says:

    You got grit girl😊 Enjoyed the pics and the experiences …. we have a lot to be thankful for-family. Speaking of family, Marti’s daughter Shannon is a freshman at zap State😀. She’s taking exams this week. Keep on trucking and enjoying you new friends😎


  2. I got on the AT map site when you first started to see if you went near Boone but I couldn’t connect the two. I was going to try to combine a visit with Shannon and a meet-up with you. Now I’m disappointed! Guess I can’t read a map☹️ Glad you took a zero day and got some family time💕 Buy lots of food…I copied you and had a power bar slathered in pnut butter for breakfast before I went to the gym. It didn’t last long!! I think you need to eat more😊.


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