DAY 51 (0 miles)

Day 51- Another lazy, sit-around day. I can walk somewhat and visited an outfitter to look at different packs ands tents. There wasn’t much difference in the packs so I kept mine but knocked 2 pounds off the weight of my tent by getting a different one. Just a note, REI and Backcountry will take back your items even though you used them for up to a year if they don’t work out. So I decided to go ahead and change out the tent, worrying about returning the original one later. By the time I was finished both feet were all swollen as well as my right leg. More ice, rest and compression. So, more of nothing to tell, sorry about that, and hope you don’t forget about me! Hopefully two more days and off I will go, slowly at first. Hang in there with me and Good Night and Sweet Dreams!


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