Day 54 (0 miles)

Day 52- I set out to get back on the trail and as I was approaching the trail head I heard that a portion of the trail was closed due to an attack on some hikers. It was the section that I was to start. So Jane took me to town so I can regroup. This guy is a drug user with mental issues who has been a day or two ahead of me since before Erwin. He threatened others with a knife and they left the shelter for their tents. So as not to get into too much detail, he was arrested and then released on probation when no one would press charges against him. He returned to the trail and was still ahead of me on his way to Damascus. Word travels fast on the trail so you get updates often. Unfortunately, the guy snapped and badly cut up a woman and the man may or may not be ok, they won’t say just yet. Two others were able to get away. This all happened in the early morning hours. They did get the guy early this morning from a cell phone ping.

The thing is, I would have been in the same area as these hikers had my knee not messed up. So I’d like to think that a divine intervention took place. The sad part is I also know a lot of couples and girls that would have been there as well and I don’t know if they are okay. Cell coverage isn’t too good up here so they can’t answer texts from me or their loved ones. Please keep these hikers and their families in your prayers because this was not in their plans either. It’s hard to get to sleep with all this going through my head, thinking of these poor people and wanting all the facts. I am thankful that I was not on the trail when this happened knowing I could have been close by, but sad because I am sure it is a friend that I have made along the way. If I don’t know them, it is just as sad that someone wanting to enjoy the beauty God has created had to go through this. So I will say my prayers and say Good Night and Sweet Dreams…


2 thoughts on “Day 54 (0 miles)

  1. Unfortunately, the man died. The woman, after being cut, played dead and then hiked and found others. And then hiked another 6 miles to safety. Thankfully they caught him but it is so sad what happened. I am thankful you were able to take a day and not be on the trail with that maniac.


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