Day 55 (0.5 miles)

Day 55- A good nights sleep, a full belly and I was ready to get back on the trail. My knee was behaving and felt better after an evening in the hotel hot tub. It wasn’t 100% but if I took it slow I thought i could get to the first shelter just 2.4 miles away, set up camp and relax the rest of the day. Jane took me to the trailhead and said she’d wait awhile to be sure I was ready. I was a little apprehensive heading back out this morning knowing most of the people would be be far behind me due to them having to get off the trail after the incident yesterday.

As soon as I entered the woods that all went away. It felt so good to be back. I started out climbing steps made of logs, working my way around the roots of a skinny tree, going up a slight incline, and finally leveling off. The level parts were good but the rest.. not so much. The pack weight really affected my movements. I stood there a minute conflicted, thinking what I should do. I knew in the back of my mind that I could not will my knee to stop hurting so I slowly went back down hoping that Jane wouldn’t drive away before I got back out of the overgrown foliage that she couldn’t see through (no phone service at all there). She was there and happy that I came back to the car. I was so frustrated but made the decision to come home and get the MRI that I know I really need.

It was a rainy, cloudy day that resulted in a failed attempt but I have enjoyed catching up with my High School friend! She is one in a million! We saw beautiful vistas going up and down the mountain. I tried to get her to fly up one of those runaway truck ramps they have in Virginia but she wouldn’t do it. Now that would probably have been a good story! Ben picked me up at her house and brought me home after a delicious meal. So here I sit. We talked about my trip so far and what’s been going on at home while I have been gone. I was glad to see him! It’s getting late, so Good Night and Sweet Dreams!


3 thoughts on “Day 55 (0.5 miles)

  1. Jencie says:

    You did the right thing. Once things are right with your knee who knows where you might go and what you might do, but the trail will be waiting for you!


    1. Jeff Mucci says:

      Carol – better to be safe and on the mend at home than at the bottom of a cliff due to uncertain knee.

      AT will be waiting for you…


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