Day 56 (0 miles)

Day 56 – Another good nights sleep in my own bed this time. I called to get that doctors appointment and of course you can’t get in right away, but I knew that would be the case. It was a beautiful day today, so I had Ben bring me the riding mower to the back yard (I love cutting grass), figuring sitting would not affect my knee. That was an enjoyable hour or so. Everything here is so green and lush right now, however I did miss seeing my irises, azaleas, and dogwood blooming but the mountain flora made up for it. I did binge watch some TV and ate a lot. I can’t wait for that appointment! I was relieved to hear from Saucy and that she was okay! For supper I did cook a chicken Ben had bought. It was nice to cook something different than what I normally have been doing for the last couple months. Oh wait, I did make mashed potatoes; I can’t seem to get away from those! At least these were from fresh potatoes! More TV and now I am ready for bed. Good Night and Sweet Dreams!


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