Day 57 (0 miles)

Day 57- It was a restless night, twinges of pain in my knee whenever I moved. When I got up in the morning there was almost no pain when I put my foot down and feeling almost normal I was thinking that maybe I was turning a corner. Well, I was wrong, so come on appointment and let’s get this taken care of! Arg!! My sister Jane (not to be confused with my friend Jane) came over and spent the day. It was great seeing family! Our hot water heater went out, leaked slowly and the floor below it needs replaced. The insurance adjuster came by and did his thing; now to get it repaired. Knowing how I feel about snakes my son was thrilled to tell me he saw a black snake skin under the house. Good grief! I made him cover the gaping hole in the floor just for peace of mind. He laughed. All I could think of today is where I would be on the trail if I were there. Fortunately I live in the country and I am surrounded by trees, woods, water, and flora so I at least have something similar to look at! Craving a high calorie Honey Bun, I made brownies (I am still very hungry)! Ben will enjoy that too! After I catch up on some things I will hit the hay. Good Night and Sweet Dreams!


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