Day 58 and Day 59 (0 miles)

Day 58 Day 59 – I am still at home following doctors orders of keeping off my leg. I had a nice visit from my friend, Terri, bearing gifts of food and good conversation! That was very much appreciated! It’s getting pretty old sitting here and being lazy while the beautiful outside is calling me. My brother and his family took me on their pontoon boat for a ride on Lake Hartwell, a good lunch, and a visit with friends on their dock. Thanks, Monty and Susan! Rain poured down from the edge of a thunderstorm beating on the tin roof of the dock like drums so loud that you couldn’t hear the others talking. I couldn’t help but think of an old friend who lost his life on Lake Hartwell during a bad storm two years ago. I miss talking to him on the radio while flying. I woke up this morning and to my surprise my knee felt quite good compared to previous days. The doctor’s appointment is tomorrow and am anxious as to what he will say. We will see. So more movies, TV, and sitting around; can’t wait to get out and about! Good Night and Sweet Dreams!


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