The Day has Arrived…

The day has arrived and my pack is loaded. I am headed back to the trail. My son, Ben, has graciously agreed to take me to the trail head. We are headed to Massachusetts and along the way we detoured to Gettysburg to see where one of the Civil War battles took place killing and injuring so many men. It gives you such a respect for what those boys had to do then and for what they are doing today. I have been there several times and so has Ben, but he was little and did not remember it. I can hear Larry saying very sweetly “Don’t you remember we….”. It did bring a tear to my eye so I couldn’t relate that to Ben. Larry remembered everything!

It was getting late so we ate pizza at Tommy’s Pizza, which was very good, and drove on to Harrisburg for the night. (Sorry, but there are prettier and nicer towns in PA to see). The hotel had a sound machine in the room, weird. Well around 3AM I realized why because all you hear is noise from the trucks on the interstate! I do remember flying into the airport with my brother Bill when I was in my twenties and how low we were on fuel. I haven’t done that again! Seeing 3 Mile Island was cool though. (That was before one “blew up”). We were headed to York, PA, but they were having drag races on the runway…go figure! We did have a good trip to Dalton,MA, and experienced their toll roads, and I pray Ben has a safe trip home. He will be making a side trip to see his uncle Bob since he is so close! Fun! Be looking for my first post after returning to the trail, please!


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