Day 64 (3.1 miles)

I had a good nights sleep and was thankful for all the company I had. During the night I got up to, well, you know the drill, anyway, it was so bright outside from the lights around the church that I didn’t need my headlamp. After emerging from my tent I saw the largest, brightest moon, not quite full, and NO street lamps. What a beautiful sight! There were too many city lights to see but the brightest stars, which were few. I said goodbye to Lucky and Penny, knowing I will probably never see them again, nor the other 6 that I met last night. It made me realize that going back south bound that I will have to make new friends along the way. It started out warm and I almost regretted not going a little further but by 10 I had to put on my jacket.

Rooster left some food he didn’t want to carry with him so I sat on the trail for awhile waiting on any thru hikers to come along and share it with them. I met Woobie with his toothless grin, from Atlanta; we talked for awhile as he enjoyed the chips I gave him. It is fun being a Trail Angel because I know as a hiker how good it makes you feel. An older couple who were taking a short hike got turned around so we showed them the way to go and gave them some of the water I had. They were most appreciative. Ben showed up in no time and we lit out SOBO. Many things went through my head as we drove to Hagerstown, Ben thinking I am a wuss, me knowing that I would have made it work NOBO, catching a ride if I needed or acquiring warm clothes but the decision was made so that was that. He said not to make excuses and although it was hard to hear, he was right. We always told the kids growing up the same thing, just do your best. I know that I did not do my best. Ben convinced me to start back at the halfway point in Harpers Ferry instead of further south and at least I will have gotten half of the trail under my belt.

So we will head there next, although he did try to dump me on the side of the road next to the AT trailhead close by that we came upon with his “eat s..t” grin on his face. We stopped at a Home2Suites hotel for the night, brand new, so clean, neat, wonderful facilities, with washers and dryers (a plus for any stinky hiker!). I have been in some fancy pants hotels before but this one would run circles around them! Okay, okay, I have been in the woods you know… After putting the clothes in the washer, a shower was where I headed! Boy howdy, the simple things we miss! (I smell better too). The laundry is in the exercise room with comfy chairs to sit in, the dryer is almost finished, and I will be on my way to bed. Good Night and Sweet Dreams!


3 thoughts on “Day 64 (3.1 miles)

  1. Ellen says:

    Love the pictures especially the wildflowers! Thank you for that! Do not fret over your decision, you will complete your dream in the near future! 🤗


  2. I don’t think you’re a wuss…I think you made a very smart decision. You will have half of the AT done and next year you’ll be stronger and the 2nd half will be easier! And I think you did do your best and love you for making the decision ❤️❤️ Now, go get ‘em on the SOBO trek and keep on blogging for those of us vicariously hiking with you❣️


  3. Jane says:

    I admire you for taking on this goal, and admire you and respect you for adjusting your plans as needed. You never have been, are not, and never will be a wuss. Love you!


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