Day 65 (7.8 miles)

I had my second shower this morning. Hey, when it’s available, take it! I started out with no reservations about my change in plans. I wish I had just planned this from the moment I was released from the doctor, but I wouldn’t have enjoyed Ben’s company on this road trip to places he had been to but was too young to remember. He also got to visit his Uncle Bob and family. We went to Harpers Ferry which is considered the mid point of the trail and visited the ATC Conservatory which is housed there. They were so nice and helpful.

What an eclectic old, little town this is. The streets are cobblestone in most places with houses placed closely side by side up the hilly roads. This is where Lewis and Clark got their best supplies. Ben walked the part of the trail with me that went over the Potomac River (or The Pot-a-Mac that I like to call it!) as a cooling drizzle fell over us. A train trestle lies right beside it and one came rumbling through just as we got off of it. I bet it shook a bit! I said goodbye once again to Ben and started up the trail.

I had planned to go to the first shelter and mileage wise it was doable but eventually the heat was wearing thin on me. I did sweat like a pig which doesn’t bother me but when I feel I am getting overheated, although I am drinking water, it saps my energy. There was only one very small water source, so I finally got to drench my rag in cool water and put on my face and neck. It felt wonderful. There are supposed to be severe thunderstorms tonight so i decided to slip into a Hostel on the trail around 3. It is only my fourth day back so I am okay with that. The trail was not too difficult today and I am sorry to say that I can’t tell you about any hikers I met because I saw zero! On the other hand, I saw two deer that I scared and gave them the trail names of Hansel and Gretel because they are definitely lost since they ran away from the trail.

About a mile further I saw yet another one on the trail who eventually walked away up the trail. The sound of tree frogs took me back home and to my childhood at my aunt’s house on Lake Hartwell. I love the sound! I have completed another state, West By God Virginia! Of course there was no sign nor fan fare, just a very busy road I had to cross with state signs posted left and right. That’s okay. The trail goes through every inch of Virginia it seems so it is pretty long. I will be coming up on what they call the rollercoaster, yeah me! Let’s see what lies ahead. I ate a frozen pizza for dinner and will get breakfast in the morning. Then I will be ready for more uphill in the hopefully semi cooler weather of the morning. The thunderstorms finally did come and with heavy rains and some crazy, bright lightening. It’s like fireworks on steroids, I made a good choice. I am pretty tired now so I will say Good Night and Sweet Dreams!


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