Day 66 (6.8 miles)

I left Bear Feet Hostel after talking with Patsy’s grandson who plays football at High School and favors…Um… Alabama. He only likes them though because it was the first football game he ever went to. He has gotten himself into a little trouble and they are hoping the woods, grandma, and having responsibilities will help him before school starts. It was overcast, very humid but not too hot. I presoaked my bandana before I lit out to keep my neck cool and it seemed to do the trick. I didn’t hike very long today while still giving myself time to get back to where I was physically before I had to leave the trail and wound up at Blackburn Trail Center.

Along the way I met two guys, TP and Peeps from Durham, NC. They had such nice things to say about the caretaker Dave as did Elevation, from Maryland, who hikes all the time, he is probably in his 70’s as well as the other two. He checks out Hostels and sees if he wants to stay there again for a section hike later. He also loves to talk! I read the log book here at the Center and he had been here in 2016 when a mouse ran into his mouth whilst sleeping, so he tent camped this time through the thunderstorm. Yuck, I hope they got rid of them by now!

I met and talked to Dallas and Houston who are slack packing the rest of the trail. Guess where they are from!! Dallas’s sister bought an RV that she is using for the remainder of the trip. The girls will go opposite directions and the one will get to the RV, go back and pick up the other and continue northward. After Harpers Ferry they will flip flop and go to Maine SOBO.

When I arrived I met Chris, an older volunteer, when he stopped weedeating for lunch. He offered me a cold drink which was very yummy! We had a nice conversation about the trail. I did get a relaxing warm, outside, solar shower that washed the funk off me. I was glad the sun finally came out to warm the water but I have a feeling that the cool shower would have felt good too! This place has a wraparound screened porch which is so comfortable to sit on without the bugs. They have a plug to charge my phone which is always nice to have. Dave offered me some left over spaghetti he had from last night which was very welcomed! Twinkle Toes showed up for a little rest before heading SOBO and got some too.

Maybe I will catch up to him later down the path and find out how he got that name. Dave gave us some very good information on the trail headed south, such as camping spots, water, and the terrain that is not really listed in the guide. When I leave in the morning I will be about 3 miles from The Roller Coaster. A rolling up and down and up and down that lasts for about 13.5 miles. Yeah me, never have liked roller coasters! I did find out that the mice are probably gone as Dave set traps and it hasn’t caught one in awhile. I checked and it hasn’t been tripped so that is good. I am going to go tend to my toe that is starting to hurt and wrap it in moleskin to hopefully avoid worse problems. I hate to leave this cool feeling screened porch with the crickets starting their chirping and the frogs their nighttime serenade, but I must get my things ready for bed. Good Night and Sweet Dreams!


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