Day 68 (17.4 miles)

This was a very, very tough long day! It started out with a deer looking at me but wasn’t frightened I suppose because there was a creek between us. I had to finish up the Roller Coaster and what a booger it was! It took so long to just get through those 7 miles that I wasn’t sure if I would make it to Whiskey Shelter. There as other places to stay along the trail either. The sun began to get lower in the sky and finally the terrain became semi flat and quick. My legs were boogying down the trail to use as much of the light that I could. I did make it with a little light to spare. Matt and Jeremiah were here and glad to see me. They were getting water and Matt volunteered to filter mine too as well as carry my pack up the hill to the shelter! What a guy! He works for the government in DC, super nice, I will hate to see them leave the trail tomorrow.

My water bottles were slap empty and I was so thirsty! I drank the entire first one he filtered and downed another with my tuna. I am not sure if I am planning on trying to go another 15 miles to get to Front Royal and a Hostel so I can get my clothes washed and the funk washed off me. It really wasn’t that hot but I just had to keep drinking and refilling that slowed me too. I did see several day hikers, I know because they smell good! I had to cross a busy, major highway today and yesterday. Not sure what they are thinking about that one, maybe put a bridge over it? Poor Jeremiah came upon a copperhead blended in so well at the turn to the shelter and jumped high in the air and another jump while airborne he said! It did strike at him between the legs but missed, thankfully! He was shaken up about it and I can feel for him. I got in late, ate late, the frogs have begun their music for the night so I will say Good Night and Sweet Dreams!


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