Day 62 (10 miles)

I did not sleep a wink last night, I don’t know why. My right lung was starting to hurt again so not sure what’s up with that. We had some very light rain showers last night but this morning everything was bone dry.  Around 1AM I kept seeing a flashlight turn on and then off several times and light up the corner of my tent. I needed to go visit the powder room but it seemed someone was acting weird. I had wished they would stop. Something caught my eye and I realized it was my phone charger that would turn my phone on and off. Boy did I feel dumb!

Not too long after I started out this morning, I met Jordan, Praying Mantis. He is a nice young man raised by his mom with good values and a love for the little things we saw. He is just walking from Dalton to Mt Graylock. Pittsfield is his home and it’s not that far from Dalton, MA. He realized we walked at about the same speed and he preferred the company so we walked the whole day together. Thankfully he was there to help me over some boulders! What a change that was for me! I was afraid his pace was going to be too slow on the flat spots but it turned out that I needed to be reined in a bit. We began our ascent up to Mt Graylock, the highest peak in Massachusetts. Although it was only an 800 foot elevation change it was brutal. We both did good to put one foot in front of the other.

My energy level was zero and I was doubting whether or not I could make it to the shelter as the day wore on. We sat, ate some protein and felt good for the last .4 miles we needed to go. Well, it actually lasted for about 10 minutes. We did make it and the rain showers have set in. Broadway was there discussing the pluses to his edible candies and pot. Another guy from Jacksonville, NC, said some guy gave him some edibles and he took one prior to hiking, felt great but kept getting lost and backtracked probably 10 miles that day. It is very cold right now but my clothes are adequate for now as the days are in the 60’s and 70’s. The higher we climbed the colder it got. Walking uphill though warms you up quickly. Good news is no mosquitoes with the wind and cool temperatures. I feel as though I’ve been beat like drum and feel like poop so Good Night and Sweet Dreams!


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