Day 60 (0 miles)

Day 60- Today I received the final verdict on my knee pain. It turns out that my tibia plateau is fractured along with a torn meniscus. The meniscus is small and not a problem but the fracture has me sidelined for at least 4 weeks. I will go back at that time and see if I am cleared to resume hiking the trail. So it’s crutches for me, no weight bearing on the leg, and on the bright side maybe I can get some fat back on myself from sitting around. I got to see two of my brothers, Frank and Bill, today for supper along with Jack, Donna and Callie. Thanks for supper! Since my life isn’t that exciting to read about, I will temporarily put a hold on my blog until I hit the trail again. Be ready to resume life on the Appalachian Trail in about 4 1/2 weeks because that is my goal. I will let you know when there is something new to read so please check back around the last week of June and follow me the rest of the way! I have enjoyed your comments and the encouragement along the way and this isn’t over yet! Good Night and Sweet Dreams for now!


Day 58 and Day 59 (0 miles)

Day 58 Day 59 – I am still at home following doctors orders of keeping off my leg. I had a nice visit from my friend, Terri, bearing gifts of food and good conversation! That was very much appreciated! It’s getting pretty old sitting here and being lazy while the beautiful outside is calling me. My brother and his family took me on their pontoon boat for a ride on Lake Hartwell, a good lunch, and a visit with friends on their dock. Thanks, Monty and Susan! Rain poured down from the edge of a thunderstorm beating on the tin roof of the dock like drums so loud that you couldn’t hear the others talking. I couldn’t help but think of an old friend who lost his life on Lake Hartwell during a bad storm two years ago. I miss talking to him on the radio while flying. I woke up this morning and to my surprise my knee felt quite good compared to previous days. The doctor’s appointment is tomorrow and am anxious as to what he will say. We will see. So more movies, TV, and sitting around; can’t wait to get out and about! Good Night and Sweet Dreams!

Day 57 (0 miles)

Day 57- It was a restless night, twinges of pain in my knee whenever I moved. When I got up in the morning there was almost no pain when I put my foot down and feeling almost normal I was thinking that maybe I was turning a corner. Well, I was wrong, so come on appointment and let’s get this taken care of! Arg!! My sister Jane (not to be confused with my friend Jane) came over and spent the day. It was great seeing family! Our hot water heater went out, leaked slowly and the floor below it needs replaced. The insurance adjuster came by and did his thing; now to get it repaired. Knowing how I feel about snakes my son was thrilled to tell me he saw a black snake skin under the house. Good grief! I made him cover the gaping hole in the floor just for peace of mind. He laughed. All I could think of today is where I would be on the trail if I were there. Fortunately I live in the country and I am surrounded by trees, woods, water, and flora so I at least have something similar to look at! Craving a high calorie Honey Bun, I made brownies (I am still very hungry)! Ben will enjoy that too! After I catch up on some things I will hit the hay. Good Night and Sweet Dreams!

Day 56 (0 miles)

Day 56 – Another good nights sleep in my own bed this time. I called to get that doctors appointment and of course you can’t get in right away, but I knew that would be the case. It was a beautiful day today, so I had Ben bring me the riding mower to the back yard (I love cutting grass), figuring sitting would not affect my knee. That was an enjoyable hour or so. Everything here is so green and lush right now, however I did miss seeing my irises, azaleas, and dogwood blooming but the mountain flora made up for it. I did binge watch some TV and ate a lot. I can’t wait for that appointment! I was relieved to hear from Saucy and that she was okay! For supper I did cook a chicken Ben had bought. It was nice to cook something different than what I normally have been doing for the last couple months. Oh wait, I did make mashed potatoes; I can’t seem to get away from those! At least these were from fresh potatoes! More TV and now I am ready for bed. Good Night and Sweet Dreams!

Day 55 (0.5 miles)

Day 55- A good nights sleep, a full belly and I was ready to get back on the trail. My knee was behaving and felt better after an evening in the hotel hot tub. It wasn’t 100% but if I took it slow I thought i could get to the first shelter just 2.4 miles away, set up camp and relax the rest of the day. Jane took me to the trailhead and said she’d wait awhile to be sure I was ready. I was a little apprehensive heading back out this morning knowing most of the people would be be far behind me due to them having to get off the trail after the incident yesterday.

As soon as I entered the woods that all went away. It felt so good to be back. I started out climbing steps made of logs, working my way around the roots of a skinny tree, going up a slight incline, and finally leveling off. The level parts were good but the rest.. not so much. The pack weight really affected my movements. I stood there a minute conflicted, thinking what I should do. I knew in the back of my mind that I could not will my knee to stop hurting so I slowly went back down hoping that Jane wouldn’t drive away before I got back out of the overgrown foliage that she couldn’t see through (no phone service at all there). She was there and happy that I came back to the car. I was so frustrated but made the decision to come home and get the MRI that I know I really need.

It was a rainy, cloudy day that resulted in a failed attempt but I have enjoyed catching up with my High School friend! She is one in a million! We saw beautiful vistas going up and down the mountain. I tried to get her to fly up one of those runaway truck ramps they have in Virginia but she wouldn’t do it. Now that would probably have been a good story! Ben picked me up at her house and brought me home after a delicious meal. So here I sit. We talked about my trip so far and what’s been going on at home while I have been gone. I was glad to see him! It’s getting late, so Good Night and Sweet Dreams!

Day 54 (0 miles)

Day 52- I set out to get back on the trail and as I was approaching the trail head I heard that a portion of the trail was closed due to an attack on some hikers. It was the section that I was to start. So Jane took me to town so I can regroup. This guy is a drug user with mental issues who has been a day or two ahead of me since before Erwin. He threatened others with a knife and they left the shelter for their tents. So as not to get into too much detail, he was arrested and then released on probation when no one would press charges against him. He returned to the trail and was still ahead of me on his way to Damascus. Word travels fast on the trail so you get updates often. Unfortunately, the guy snapped and badly cut up a woman and the man may or may not be ok, they won’t say just yet. Two others were able to get away. This all happened in the early morning hours. They did get the guy early this morning from a cell phone ping.

The thing is, I would have been in the same area as these hikers had my knee not messed up. So I’d like to think that a divine intervention took place. The sad part is I also know a lot of couples and girls that would have been there as well and I don’t know if they are okay. Cell coverage isn’t too good up here so they can’t answer texts from me or their loved ones. Please keep these hikers and their families in your prayers because this was not in their plans either. It’s hard to get to sleep with all this going through my head, thinking of these poor people and wanting all the facts. I am thankful that I was not on the trail when this happened knowing I could have been close by, but sad because I am sure it is a friend that I have made along the way. If I don’t know them, it is just as sad that someone wanting to enjoy the beauty God has created had to go through this. So I will say my prayers and say Good Night and Sweet Dreams…