Day 67 (14.3 miles)

As the sunrise approached, the frogs ended their score leaving only the crickets to finish out the night’s symphony. The birds started their daily chirping letting us know it was time to get moving. I ate some oatmeal and drank water and headed out for hopefully a full day. I scared 2 deer who made a screeching noise like a large bird as they ran away. I don’t think I have ever heard one make a noise. I saw 5 in all today. The low brush was covered in dew and the spiders have their single web spread across the trail for me to be caught in. Rain drops were falling from either the trees with the wind or a little shower, either way it was refreshing.

After two hours, I came upon an old English lady who was finishing up her hike at Harpers Ferry after starting at Springer Mtn. She just wasn’t as fast as she thought she’d be to get to Maine but I applaud her! Freckles, a lady in her late 70’s hiked the trail 5 yrs ago. Jeremiah, 11, and his dad Matt stayed with me at Blackburn last night and caught up when I stopped to eat some food. Also there were two guys just out for the week, I will call them Drinks A lot and Teeth. Drinks A lot says he always carries 4 Liters of water no matter how close the streams are and Teeth, well he said he had the best boss and that he even paid for his dentures! He had much to say but that’s all I heard.

A little rain started falling and then BAM, here came the thunderstorm. No lightening until a little later and I am glad to say I didn’t get struck! The storm felt like at times that it was about 500 feet above me, I don’t think I have heard such cracks of thunder while outside. It rained hard for several hours and my shoes were squishing water, I was soaked. I tried using a poncho this time and it was a complete failure! I have mostly dried out except for my shoes. I did make it partially through the Roller Coaster, this last mountain being a doozy! One rain swollen bridge I came to right before the shelter worried me a bit but I survived!

Jeremiah, Matt and I are in the shelter with another middle aged guy from NY finishing up his section hike. I haven’t gotten his name yet but he wears a sarong and only likes good vibes and fun things on the trail. Another guy is one I hope I do not see again, his cotton shorts were hanging under his belly leaving nothing to the imagination, that and shoes was all he was wearing. He opted to tent, thank goodness! I hope to make another long day tomorrow, hope the storms stay away! The frogs are beginning their song so I will say Good Night and Sweet Dreams!


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